The TungHai university consists of seven colleges (Arts, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Social Science, and Fine Arts and Creative Design), thirty three departments and thirty three graduate institutes with a total enrollment of about 15,000 students. The College of Management consists of seven departments (Business Administration, International Trade, Accounting, Statistics, Finance, and Information Management). The Department of Statistics was established in 1984. Between 1984 and 1989, the department annually recruited a class of about 50-60 Category 1(social science category) students through the Joint College and University Entrance Examination(JCUEE). Since 1990, the department had switched to recruit the Category 2(natural science category) students. Since 1998, the department had recruited an additional class of 50 Category 1 students. Currently the department has a total enrollment of 362 students of whom 58% are male students.


  During the past 24 years since the department was established, the department had recruited its faculty annually. The department is currently seeking qualified faculty. For a brief introduction to the current faculty, please refer to the faculty introduction. The average age of the departmental faculty is about 45 years old, all having Ph.D. degrees. The faculty and the students interact actively and pleasantly.


  Regarding the computer hardwares, the College of Management has a NOVELL Network System, seven laser printers, one dot matrix printer and one ink jet printer. About the softwares, the college has acquired compilers for various programming languages, computerized data bank management system, Chinese-English data processing programs, and popular statistical computing packages such as SAS, MINITAB, S-Plus, SPSS, etc. In addition, the Department of Statistics has a well-equipped computer lab consisting of fifty-two Pentium PC's, five copy machines, one fax machine, seven projection machines, one direct projector, five laser printers, two color ink jet printers and a large collection of statistical computing packages. In 2004, the department acquired additional 15 Pentium PC's and 3 laser printers and 1 scanner. The departmental computer lab is open to the faculty and students of the department only. There is also a small computer lab open specifically for the graduate students. Besides, the departmental computer system has been integrated into the university network system.

  The university main library is very spacious and owns most of the major journals and references in Statistics. The university library adopts an "open-shelf" management style. The department library is of reasonable size and is quite suitable for undergraduate students.

Fields of Concentration


  The course schedules are designed to meet the future career development of the students. The course schedules can be classified into the following five fields:

(1)Theory of Statistics: the emphasis is on the fundamental theories of Statistics.

(2)Statistical Computing: the emphasis is on the applications of statistical computing  techniques, data mining, and simulation.

(3) Statistics in Business: the emphasis is on the applications of Statistics in business,  management, and actuarial science.

(4)Biostatistics: the emphasis is on the survival analysis, clinical trials, genetics,  demography, and food and agricultural science.

(5)Statistics in Engineering: the emphasis is on the quality control and reliability.

  The student may choose to concentrate on one or more fields in accordance with his/her interest and ability.

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